Darrell, Ministry Leader

The family at FCBC would like to warmly thank you and your staff for the wonderful and outstanding work that was done for our 31st anniversary celebration. Your ability to work under tight time constraints and to operate within our budget was nothing short of miraculous. We were most certainly blessed by your creative composition and masterful construction of the overall design. I marveled at how it became a reality. Rest assured that our leadership, staff and congregants appreciated the visual impact and enjoyed the festive environment , it helped set the tone for a wonderful day of worship.

We heard a wonderful word of encouragement from the speaker of the day where we were implored to "Focus on the Finish". After thirty one years some like to look at the past, however we are assured that the best is yet to come and our efforts must continue to look forward to the the flourishing finish that we all have been promised. Again, Thanks and we look forward to working with you and your team in the future.